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All About North Market – North Shreveport

North from downtown Shreveport, situated along North Market Street, the North Market – North Shreveport Section of Shreveport includes the Freestate - North Highlands Neighborhood (to the east), as well as, the Martin Luther King Neighborhood and the Allendale – Lakeshore Neighborhood in its western portion, along the northern shores of Cross Lake.

Freestate - North Highlands Neighborhood of Shreveport LA

The residential real estate within the Freestate - North Highlands Neighborhood is mostly confined by to small (studio to 2 bedroom) to medium (3 to 4 bedroom) size single-family homes, mobile home parks, and a relatively few, North Market apartment properties. The majority of the single-family homes and apartment communities in the North Market – North Shreveport Section are owner occupied and were constructed between 1970 and 1999. Additionally, certain residences and North Market – North Shreveport section apartment communities were developed between 1940 and 1969.

Apartments within this neighborhood also boast easy access to downtown Shreveport as well as to retail establishments within the Neighborhood. Additionally, quality schools and an abundance of churches define these neighborhoods. Apartments in North Market -- North Shreveport section include the newly refurbished, Lake Front Apartments as well as Grand Oaks Apartments and Townhouses.

Martin Luther King Neighborhood of Shreveport LA &

Allendale – Lakeside Neighborhood of Shreveport LA

Northwest of the Shreveport Central Business District (Downtown), and comprising the western portion of the NORTH MARKET - NORTH SHREVEPORT Section of Shreveport, lies the Martin Luther King Neighborhood. To the southeast of the Martin Luther King neighborhood is the Allendale-Lakeside Neighborhood. Located to the east and southeast of the Freestate - North Highlands Neighborhood and along the northern boundary of scenic Cross Lake, these neighborhoods are dominated by affordable single-family homes possessing excellent access to downtown and other areas of town via Interstate 20 and the I-220 Loop. These neighborhoods have established residences composing a mixture of smaller apartment communities and single-family homes and feature affordable rental rates. Most of the residents of these two neighborhoods are in the sales and service industries. The Martin Luther King Neighborhood and the Allendale-Lakeside Neighborhood are convenient to employment centers such as downtown Shreveport, the Riverfront Casino District and Shreveport Regional Airport. Notable Shreveport rental communities within the Martin Luther King Neighborhood include the Kings Oaks rental home subdivision and the Rosenwald Subdivision.

North Market Section Apartments

King Oaks Subdivision (Martin Luther King Neighborhood)

Lake Front Apartments (Freestate – North Highlands Neighborhood)

Grand Oaks Apartments (Freestate – North Highlands Neighborhood)

Rosenwald Subdivision (Martin Luther King Neighborhood)