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How to List and Advertise Your Rental Apartment

Finding the right tenants for your apartments in Shreveport is challenging. Check out the blog to learn how you can promote your rental apartment online to attract more qualified tenants.


Your rental property is meant to earn you a valuable return. Every landlord wants to rent the property for a long-term investment strategy. When it comes to finding a potential tenant, it is important that you market your apartments in Shreveport to the right audience. You should know where to post your rental property to get the best result. Check out the blog post to get the most out of listing our rental apartment online.

Post your rental online

You should list your property at reputable listing sites to get maximum exposure for your property. You can advertise your property at Apartment Shoppers Guide for free. Interested landlords simply have to fill out an enquiry form and will be asked to share apartment details such as floor plans, pricing, pictures, etc.

Use social media

Social media such as Facebook is a wonderful tool for promotion. As your network, and friends to share your listing, or you can even run ads of your Shreveport Apartments to get maximum attention possible.

Create a video

Tenants love to get look and feel of the property before actually seeing it to get an idea. You should add video to your listing to not only make it more appealing, but also save time on showings. We at Apartment Shoppers encourage property owners to create a short, well-made video walkthrough to  take interested renters on virtual tour.

Word-of-mouth referrals

It’s a smart idea to spread the word of your property to friends, family, colleagues and friend circles. You could even sweeten the deal by offering some reward to the source after the lease is signed.

Invest in professional photos

Online shoppers are notorious by judging the property by their pictures. Professional, well-lit or HD photos will catch the eye of potential renters, but also engage people to share them on social media.

Offer something extra

You need to differentiate your Shreveport Louisiana apartment from others, so provide a deal or discount that must be too good to pass up. You should offer some move-in specials, discounts on rent and deposits as incentives.

Maintain your property

When it comes to drive-bys, the yard is the first things that tenants will see. Spend some extra time on yard maintenance to ensure renters will like what they see.

Advertise the amenities

If your property has lots of features, tenants needs to know about it. Whether your apartments in Shreveport, LA have pool, a fenced backyard, energy efficient or has been recently updated, make sure you highlight these in your listing.

Open it to the public

It is an excellent way to gain the right kind of attention. You can host a social event at the property to increase its chances of getting right tenant.

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