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Have you found yourself working from home more and starting to consider a four-legged companion, or you just want man’s best friend to keep you company?



Have you found yourself working from home more and starting to consider a four-legged companion, or you just want man’s best friend to keep you company? First, you need to do some research and find out if your apartment community allows pets. Your lease agreement will have a pet policy that may include restrictions, such as breed, weight, limit to number of pets you can have.  Extra fees may be included such as pet rent and a pet deposit.  Make sure you have done your research fully before you bring home a dog.  Please remember a dog is a long-term commitment that you will take care of for 10 or more years.  If you are not ready to make this type of commitment, then consider not getting a dog.

There is an apartment dog just for you.  It all depends on you and your lifestyle.  Some dogs require more cleaning than others.  There are dogs that will be a couch potato with you all day, dogs that a quieter than others, or you may want one that alerts you when someone is at your door.  How about a three-mile run every day?  Yes, there are dogs that would love to jog with you!!  The BEST DOG is out there for you!  Let’s go looking.



Some dogs are quieter than others, but all dogs bark.  Just keep in mind barking is how they communicate.  Listed below are dogs that seems to be quieter than others.

Basenji (Average Weight 20-26 pounds)


Basenjis are intelligent dogs and are athletic.  The Basenji is physically unable to bark due to its uniquely shaped larynx but instead makes a “barooo” sound when need to raise an alarm.  These dogs are loyal to their owners and love to learn.  They also have a lot of energy to burn.  



If you are looking for a little couch potato this is the breed for you.  This squishy-faced dog is happy to sit around an apartment all day and take naps.  When playing a pug will snort and snuffle instead of barking.  Pugs are known for being good-natured and friendly to talk to.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Average Weight 13 to 18 pounds)

Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are small and playful little dogs.  They develop a strong bond with their owners and can have problems with separation.  They need little exercise although they are fast to learn trick if rewarded with treats.  Cavalier King Charles may require extra grooming and if overfed can become a little chunky.

English Bulldog (Average Weight 40 to 55 pounds)

English Bulldog

English Bulldog has a chunky body and an easygoing attitude.  Just trying to bark is just too much work for these dogs.  They love being couch potatoes, lounging around and cuddling.  They really do not like to exercise very much but would rather relax.  Steady going, these lovely dogs are even-tempered.

Miniature Pinscher (Average Weight 7 to 11 pounds)

Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher is a bouncy quiet dog who is more than happy to stay in the house and exercise.  They are more high energy than some dogs, but they do love napping which means less time barking.  Excellent with children and bonds very closely with their family.


Easy going dogs do better with children and other animals.  These are ideal for apartment living.  Although there are larger breeds of dogs that are friendly.  We have listed a few below that are consider small to medium size but there are many larger sizes out there that is not listed.

Beagles (Average Weight 20 to 24 pounds)


Beagles are loving little dogs.  They are great with children and can get into mischief if unsupervised for long.  They are gentle, fun-loving hounds who enjoy walks and then some down time next to their owners.  They require plenty of daily exercise and are bred to be hunting dogs.  Other than the exercise they are considered low-maintenance.

Pugs (Average Weight 14 to 18 pounds)


Pugs are very friendly and sometimes comical.  They do not meet a stranger but only ear-scratchers.  Pugs are great with children and get along with other animals. Very sweet natured and extremely gentle little dogs.  If you do not want a constant companion, the pug might not be right for you because they can be rather clingy, giving them the nickname “little shadow”.  Great family dog.

Boston Terrier (Average Weight 10 to 25 pounds)

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are gentle, affectionate little dogs that their tuxedo-like markings have earned them the nickname “American Gentleman”.  Boston Terriers are known for being extremely intelligent. They are lovable, but sometimes their stubborn nature and hyperactivity can get them in trouble with their owners.  Your heart will melt when this little dog looks up at you with those huge, round eyes that seem to say “I Love You”!



If you feel the need not to exercise, then this dog breed may be the match for you.  They are happy with short walks or strolls around the park and then off to the sofa for a quick snooze or two. 

English Bulldogs (Average Weight 40 to 55 pounds)

English Bulldog

English Bulldogs is the perfect breed of dog to do nothing.  They are short and stout and their small legs are not made for long walks.  If you take this breed on a walk it has to be a short one or you may end up carrying your best friend back home in your arms.  This dog loves to watch T.V. shows and will be there right by your side all the way thru the series. 

Basset Hounds (Average Weight 44 to 64 pounds)

Basset Hounds

What a cute little dog with the longest ears.  They practically touch the ground so that makes this breed not an ideal partner for jogging or running.  Although they have short legs these hounds are bred for hunting so beware, keep them on a leash when you are out.  They may have short legs but can get away from you faster than you think when on the hunt. 

Pugs (Average Weight 14 to 18 pounds)


Pugs loves to east and loves to sleep.  It’s a challenge but they need a little exercise every day.  If not, they will put on the weight quickly and can cause other health issues.  Pugs are quiet and friendly breed of dog.  To sum up a Pug, they are cute, adorable and very lazy breed of dog.

Japanese Chins (Average Weight 3 to 15 pounds)

Japanese Chins:

Japanese Chins are adorable little dogs that are quiet and is consider a lap dog.  Japanese Chins are very intelligent and love to play.  They do not require much exercise and do have their moments of calmness.  Adorable little dog.


If you love to jog or a lover of the great outdoors, then you would probably prefer a dog like the following.  Loaded with lots of energy to run.  Get your jogging shoes on for these dogs listed below.

Miniature Pinschers (Average Weight 7 to 11 pounds)

Miniature Pinscher

These dogs may be little but very active.  Huge personality and will keep you his best friend moving.  Miniature Pinschers are elegant-looking dogs.  Known to have a bundle of energy and full of vigor.  Highly curious and tends to investigate and possible eat everything so keep an eye out.  This dog is not for everyone, especially first-time owners. 

Jack Russell Terriers (Average Weight 14 to 18 pounds)

Jack Russle Terrier

This breed may be small but packed to the max with energy.  Jack Russell’s are highly intelligent and is fearless due to being bred for fox hunting in England.  These dogs are loyal dogs that love their owners.  They are sweet but you must have the energy to keep up because this dog can be a bit of a handful.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis (Average Weight 22 to 31 pounds)

Pembroke Welsh Corgis


Cute little dog but do not let those short stubby legs fool you, they are athletic and need a lot of exercise.  This dog was breed for herding and are fasting than you think.  This dog responds well to training and makes for a great companion. 


Some breeds tend to have less dander that others, but all dogs have some dander.  Dander is what most people are allergic to, so you will need to clean frequently, such as vacuum and have your pet groom often to keep the dander under control.  Also washing where your pet sleeps regularly will help remove some of the allergens.

Bichon Frise (Average Weight 6 to 11 pounds)

Bichon Frise

This little powder puff of a dog is playful and intelligent.   With lots of love to give and some mischief to come along with all that love.  With those black eyes and puffy coat, they almost look like a child’s toy.  Adorable little dog.

Poodles (Average Weight Miniature 10 to 15 pounds, Average Weight Standard 45 to 70 pounds)


Poodles are lively and active and full of fun.  Easy to train and are very smart.  Keeping your poodles groom regularly will keep the dander under control.  Grooming is a fact of life for poodles.  Poodles are great family dogs.  They do good with lots of exercise and a good family to love.  Poodles comes in all different sizes.  Small, medium and large. 

Affenpinschers (Average Weight 6 to 13 pounds)


This little dog who is considered hypoallergenic but does shed.  Affenpinschers a great with children and are highly intelligent.  Affenpinschers are known as a little comedian due to its fun-loving personality and always ready for an adventure. 

Yorkshire Terriers (Average Weight 4 to 7 pounds)

Yorkshirre Terriers


These are the cutest little dogs and they do well in apartments.  No need for a large yard for these little dogs.  Although they have long silky hair, their hair is almost like human hair.  They do not shed like other dogs, so dander is less.  These adorable little dogs are normally lovable and sweet dogs. 


These are just a few suggestions for pets for your apartment.  There are many, many breeds out there to choose from.  Dogs are amazing and with a little research on your part you can discover what breed will work for you.  Shreveport Apartment Shoppers Guide, can help you find that perfect apartment for you and your pet.  Visit us online at or pick up our free brochure, Shreveport-Bossier City Apartment Shoppers Guide at grocery stores and other surrounding stores. 

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