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Amenities: What Apartment Renters really want

What exactly are apartment amenities? Find out here!


What exactly are apartment amenities?  They are non-essential features that bring added value, convenience and luxury to renters.  Amenities are what make a unit or building unique from other apartments. 

Amenities are one of those perks you have as renters.  When searching for an apartment, you should keep in mind what type of amenities are important to you and your lifestyle. Remember this could be your home for months and even years.  Also, you need to consider what is and is not worth the extra expense.  Yes, amenities come with a price tag; especially the luxury amenities such as an on-site spa, on-site movie theater, a rooftop deck that looks amazing, or an on-site fitness center.  Ask yourself which amenities you would use and those for which you’d be willing to pay extra. 

A recent survey from National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) and research firm Kingsley Associates which included 373,000 renters across the country indicates Renter preferences in the United States may be shifting toward tech-centric amenities such as video doorbells and smart locks.  Still traditional features are just as important as ever.

According to the survey the top amenities for renters were central air conditioning, garbage disposal, reliable cell reception and high-speed internet.  Some of these rankings of course varied depending on the metropolitan area of the apartment community.   

The survey also indicated that in 2017 the biggest increase of interest was in video doorbells. Video doorbell products like Nest and Ring are two amenities that have had a lot of interest and desire over the past few years with renters.  Also, another increase of interest was in electric charging stations.  25 percent of residents that was part of this survey were interested in electric vehicle charging stations in their apartment community. 

According to the survey, a rather surprising discovery was how prospective renters view new apartments.  While most still prefer to see an apartment in person with a leasing agent from the apartment complex, 16 percent surveyed said they would be interested in self-guided tours instead. A self-guided tour removes the variables of having to wait or schedule a time with the leasing agent and you the potential renter selects a time to tour the rental on your own.

Now that you have a better understanding about some of the newest apartment amenities and how other renters view them, it’s time to decide what to look for during your apartment search.

WANTS vs. NEEDS:  Which Apartment Amenities are essential. You have determined your monthly rental budget and you are getting ready to go apartment hunting.  Just remember extras is “amenities” in apartment lingo.  Make a list comprised with 2 sections, Wants vs Needs.  This list can get long and can prove to be a challenge especially while staying within your budget. Deciding what to remove from your wish list can be tough. Think about it this way, what do you actually have to have versus what you can do without. Remember it’s great to have some little extras in your new home, but you must be mindful of the cost that comes with such extras.  Many amenities are offered in the form of higher rent. 

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