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Can I have this Pet

A summary about the limitations many apartment communities place on Resident pet ownership


Pets make great companions. If you are a renter, though, you might be subject to certain restrictions when it comes to having pets. Asking yourself a few questions, taking a look at your lease and talking to your landlord can help you determine if you are, in fact, allowed to have your desired pet in your rental.

Is It an Exotic Pet?

Many landlords are accustomed to tenants having dogs or cats. If you want an exotic pet, you should know that there could be some restrictions. For one thing, many states and cities have restrictions about keeping exotic pets like ferrets or monkeys. Additionally, many apartment landlords have restrictions on exotic pets.

How Big is Your Pet?

The size of your pet is an important factor for which your landlord will likely have restrictions.  Many apartment complexes in Shreveport have limitations in reference to the size of pets that are allowed. For example, you might not be allowed to have dogs that are larger than 25 pounds.

Is Your Pet Considered a Dangerous Breed?

Some dogs are considered dangerous breeds, such as German shepherds and pit bulls. Many landlords have policies about allowing potentially dangerous breeds in their apartment homes because of the possibility of someone being injured.  Landlords also commonly have issues with their insurance companies if they allow pets that the insurance companies consider as dangerous breeds.

Is Your Pet a Service Animal?

Landlords are required to accommodate tenants who have service animals or emotional support animals. This is the case regardless of the type of pet or breed; however, residents should consult online or other references to educate themselves about related restrictions and requirements.

How Many Pets Do You Have?

Many landlords allow pets but have restrictions about the number of pets that are allowed in one rental. For example, you might only be allowed to have one or two pets. Also, be aware that you typically have to pay a pet deposit, a non-refundable pet fee and even potentially “pet rent” for each pet in your apartment home.

If you would like to have a pet in your apartment, check your lease or talk to your landlord. This will provide you with the most accurate answer. Make sure that you abide by any pet-related rules that your landlord has in place; otherwise, you could face problems like losing your deposit or even being evicted. Luckily, many apartment communities are more than happy to work with tenants who want to have pets in their rentals, so consider looking for a pet-friendly apartment community, so you can bring home a four-legged companion with you to your new apartment.



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