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Considerations in Selecting Your New Apartment in Shreveport and Bossier City

What you should know when searching for a your new Shreveport or Bossier City apartment


Considerations in Selecting Your New Apartments in Bossier La and Shreveport

So, you want to find an apartment in Bossier City or Shreveport, Louisiana … in this piece, we will consider which factors are key to a successful outcome to your search.


According to the adage, the most important aspect of real estate is “Location, Location, Location”!  This holds truer than ever when considering where you and your family will call home.  As such, the first step in searching for apartments in Shreveport LA or a Bossier City apartment is to determine which section of town best fits your needs.  Considerations include proximity to your job; the school district where you’d like to reside; convenience to schools; access to mass-transportation (such as bus routes); crime rate considerations; proximity to geographic amenities such as retail, dining options, recreational venues, and parks, and the areas’ cost of living.  Most importantly, your new apartment community should be situated in an inviting neighborhood where you and your family will feel comfortable and welcomed.


Rental Rate Versus Apartment Size:  Typical rates for rentals in Shreveport, LA and in Bossier City, LA range from affordable to quite expensive.  As such, prior to selecting a new apartment community to move into, you must consider the size of the unit you will need as well as what is a reasonable budget for your monthly rent.  Some of the most important considerations are the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required, the amount of square footage preferred, the amount of common space needed (such as for living rooms, dining rooms, dens, etc.), and for how many family members the unit will be for.  As far as the rental rate budgeting, a common “rule of thumb” is that your monthly rent should never exceed one-third of your monthly family income.   If your family needs government financial assistance, there are numerous government programs available through local Housing Authorities and through numerous state and federal agencies.

Apartment Community Amenities and Interior Features:  Prior to starting your search, take the time to make a list of the apartment community and interior unit features and amenities that are essential (“must haves”) versus those features that would be nice to have, but are not priority (“could haves”).   Some essential “must haves” for the community might include: accepting pets (and size/breed restrictions), laundry facilities, covered parking, garages, and swimming pools.  Similarly, “must haves” for the apartment unit interior could be: the size of the unit, number of baths and bedrooms, washer-dryers and/or connections, ovens with stoves, large closets, and bathtubs versus showers.

After considering and selecting the “must haves” then you should create a similar list of additional items that are not priority but that would be nice to have as “could haves.”  For apartment communities, some “could haves” might include access to major roads or highways, certain recreational features such as swimming pool, sports courts, or fitness centers, was well as other amenities such as limited access gates, clubhouses, game rooms, media rooms, and even movie theatres.  As for apartment interiors, “could haves” might include alarm systems, certain kitchen appliances and features, counter top finishes, patios/balconies, extra storage space, garages, fireplaces, rental furniture, and even flooring, ceiling, or lighting preferences. 

Community Sizes and Types:  Apartment properties in the Shreveport and Bossier City, LA area range from very large communities down to very small, single-building properties.  This market showcases several extravagant communities boasting impressive, resort-style recreational amenities and many also have incredible architecture; however, since most apartment dwellers cannot afford the price tag of such luxury rentals, the result is that simpler and more affordable apartment residences are the norm.  Although larger communities usually provide more features and social opportunities, smaller apartment properties typically offer a more peaceful and comfortable environment that is preferred by many renters. 

In addition to community size, the rental residence type is another factor to consider.  Such rental types include apartment communities, high-rise buildings, garden apartment communities, townhomes, duplexes, and single family homes, which are often in subdivisions with a leasing offices, clubrooms, and community recreational amenities.

Whether you choose a larger community or a more petite residence will depend on your individual taste, your age, familiar status, financial situation, and lifestyle preferences.

Management Company:  Also important, you should evaluate the reputation and style of the management company overseeing the communities that you are considering as the place to call “home.”  Once again, the options facing renters range from large, professional management organizations, who operate hundreds of apartment communities across the US, all the way down to small, single, owner-managed buildings and rental houses.  Larger management companies have the advantage of typically having better management systems, more experience, and greater resources, yet smaller, owner managed properties have the advantage of more individualized service and a larger vested interest in the long-term relationship with their residents.  Whether a management company or the ownership entity is large, small, or somewhere in between, that management or ownership scenario could have a good or a not so good result for you and your family … it all depends on the specific property and associated management entity you choose.  As such, it is suggested that you ask around about the management or ownership entities that oversee the properties you are considering.  The best way to evaluate the management of the apartments you are considering, is simply to “interview” some residents living there.  Ask such individuals how their experience has been with that management or ownership entity, and if they have heard any negative or positive comments or stories from other residents that might be helpful to your rental decision.

Summary:  As one would expect, there are a multitude of apartments and apartment community sizes, types, and choices for residents of Shreveport and Bossier City LA.   Similarly, there are numerous variables to consider such as apartment unit and community sizes, features and amenities “must haves” verses “Should haves,” and management and ownership entities. Most importantly, your future apartments’ location will be the cornerstone of your evaluation of choosing the right apartment home … this is obviously not a “one size fits all” decision.  As a renter, you should consider the above criteria and then choose the best apartment community and unit for your individual needs.  Happy apartment shopping!

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