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Designing on a Limited Budget

Affordable suggestions for how to improve the design and look of your new apartment in Shreveport or Bossier City


Designing on a Limited Budget

Looking for ideas regarding the interior design of your new apartment home that won’t burn a hole in your wallet?  With creative strategies, you can transform your space into a lavish dwelling that won’t break the bank. The following tips can help you brainstorm additional design elements to consider for your apartment:

  1. Theme.   Begin with a particular theme (color scheme, type of furnishings, favorite art pieces, etc.). By choosing a specific style first, your apartment will look and feel like a purpose was behind the creativity rather than something arranged haphazardly. Not sure about a particular decorative style for your new apartment home? Search Google images for a plethora of popular trends that may be right for you, or visit a sample showroom at your favorite furniture store in Shreveport – Bossier City to help you determine a design niche.


  1. Storage.   Create more space in your apartment by utilizing storage containers, crates, or wicker baskets. These can help reduce clutter and add character to the rooms. You can even organize and spice up the kitchen with utensil caddies and jars filled with dry goods. Search online marketplaces or local garage sales for deals on items used for storage; you’ll be surprised by what you can find cheaper compared to other major retailers. For a more personal touch, create an open shelf look in your kitchen and detach cabinet doors (store the doors safely for reattaching later when moving out). Be sure to check your rental agreement or verify with your rental property manager before proceeding. Keep any open storage areas neat because cluttered shelving can make your apartment look crowded.


  1. Room Dividers.   If you have an open-floor plan apartment home, use bookshelves (industrial style for a more spacious feel) as separators between different rooms. Position bookshelves perpendicular to the wall and organize books, potted plants, nostalgic collections, or other small items on the shelving.  Reserve the bottom shelves for large items, such as storage containers or wicker baskets. Look at using a tall and a short bookshelf together as a room divider between the living area and dining room for an airy feel. The Home Depot and Lowes offer a variety of industrial bookshelves at reasonable prices.


  1. Large Photograph/Art Piece.  If you have a favorite photograph displayed in your apartment on a stand, countertop, or bookshelf, experience the difference your bedroom will look and feel when you enlarge the photo or art piece to a wall-size print. Landscape shots, skylines, horizons, and fields create impact and lasting impressions on the viewer. Check out for design inspirations by room. Visit a FedEx Office or Office Depot location in Shreveport – Bossier City for large-scale printing services at reasonable rates.


  1. Hang Lightweight Curtains.  Stylish, semitransparent curtains can bring light into the room even when they are closed, which are particularly effective if your apartment faces an adjacent building. Curtains in lightweight cotton and gauze materials work well to capture light in the room and illuminate the area that can make your apartment more attractive. For deals on curtains, visit or


  1. Area Rugs.   Are you striving for a more luxurious environment for your apartment with comfort in mind? Try plush or fiber area rugs. With your room design theme in mind, balance color, texture, size, and pattern when adding rugs over carpeting or wood or tile flooring. Utilize thick rugs, such as wool, over low pile carpeting for an added touch and a deeper look with a cozy feel to your space. Natural fiber rugs like flatweaves are perfect for covering high-traffic areas and can add warmth to your rooms. Find the perfect area rug that’s within your budget at


With a well-thought-out plan for decorating your new apartment home, you’ll be amazed at how you can transform rooms into beautiful designs with limited space on a limited budget.

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