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How to Choose the Right BHK Size?

Renting the right apartment is important for a comfortable living. This blog will help you understand different factors to determine the apartment size for your next apartment.


If you are renting an apartment in Shreveport, you have to make certain important decisions. One such major decision is choosing the right size of the apartment that fits you and your family’s requirement.  Here are a few factors to help you decode these factors that you can consider to choose the right size of your next apartment-


Carpet Area

The carpet area of the apartment means the net usable floor area within a building excluding the area that is covered by the walls or any other areas. So, it is the total area in your Shreveport apartments where you can lay the carpet. It is measured wall to wall and includes kitchen, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, storerooms, balcony, etc.


Built-up Area

The built-up area, also called plinth area is covered by a building on all floors including any cantilevered portion. Simply put, it is the total area of the apartment/flat It includes the walls, sit-out, balcony, terrace, utility, etc. Generally speaking, the built-up area is approximately 10 percent of the carpet area.


Super Built-up Area

It includes the built-up area of an apartment plus the proportionate area of common area such as the lobby, lifts, shaft, stairs, etc. Sometimes it also includes a swimming pool, clubhouse, and more. It doesn’t include car parking.

Now, since we have discussed factors, let’s discuss different types of apartments in Shreveport, and their pros and cons-


1 BHK Type


  • Small and compact in size
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easier to rent out


  • Caters mostly to bachelors, couples and working couples


2 BHK Type


  • Comfortable living for a nuclear family
  • Easily available
  • Easy maintenance
  • Much easier to rent out


  • Limited space can be an issue for a growing family
  • Limited scope for carving out additional spaces


3 BHK Type


  • Ample Space
  • Good for large families


  • Difficult to maintain
  • Difficult to rent out


Go through the pros and cons to analyze your requirement and choose the appropriate BHK type. Whether you want to find apartments in Shreveport or want to list your apartment online, Apartment Shoppers Guide is the right place for you!

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