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How to find Pet-friendly Apartments?

Looking for a place that your fur buddy could also call ‘home’? Here are some tips to make your search for pet-friendly apartments in Shreveport short and focused


Finding a pet-friendly apartment is challenging than finding non pet-friendly ones. Here are some handful tips to help you find pet-friendly apartments in Shreveport, LA easily-

  1. Start Search Beforehand - always take time to start research, and evaluate results. If you’re renting now, you should check ads and contact real estate agents and rental agencies at least six weeks before your current lease expires.


  2. Understand why most of the apartments in Shreveport reject pets. It is possible that they may have had experience with irresponsible pet owners who didn’t confine with their duties as pet owner such as picking up their feces, sneaked pets in left ruined carpets and drapes when moved out. Property owners may also worried about complaints from neighbors about barking dogs.  Well, all these concerns are legitimate. So, if you have a pet, sell yourself as responsible pet owners who are committed to providing required pet care and being responsible neighbors.


  3. Contact the human society or animal care units serving the area into which you are moving; they may give you a list of Shreveport apartments that allow pets. You can also contact real estate agents or resident managers who own pets or share your love for animals to get some references.


  4. Don’t waste time trying to sell yourself and your pet to any rental community with no pet policy. You should approach communities that allow most pets, allow certain pets like any cat or dogs less than 20 pounds.


  5. Gather proof that you’re responsible. You can get a reference letter from your current landlord or a condominium association verifying that you’re a responsible pet owner.  A written proof that your adult dog has completed a training class. A letter from the vet saying you have been diligent in your pet’s medical care.


  6. If you encounter a no-pets policy as if it is the result of a negative experience with a previous tenant. It will help you understand how to present your own request in the most effective way.


  7. Promote your pet. Offer to bring your pet to meet the owner or invite the landlord to meet your pet in your current home. A well-groomed and well-behaved pet will speak volumes. Many landlords are concerned about fleas, so be sure to demonstrate how you maintain an active flea-control program for your pet and home. Provide written proof that your pet is spayed or neutered.


  8. Be ready to pay a little extra.


  9. Once you have been given permission by the landlord, get it in writing. Sign a pet addendum to your rental agreement.


  10. Never try to sneak your pet in. You may be subjected to possible eviction or other legal action.

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