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Questions You Should Ask Before Hunting Apartments

Ask these questions when hunting apartments in Shreveport, LA to find the right place for you.


There are a few important things that you should know before you sign any lease agreement. Here are some important questions that you should as when vising rental apartments in Shreveport to make sure you find the right place-

What are the Lease Terms?

Ideally, you must know when the lease starts and ends before you even rent the place. But in case, you aren’t, then make sure you confirm it with the realtor or owner.

You should know exactly how much the unit costs per month, and if there is any grace period for late rent payments. Finally, ask if there is any common lease terms you need to know about such as restrictions on painting, decoration, quite hours, etc.

What is Move-in cost?

Do you need to pay first and last month’s rent upfront? Do you need to pay any security deposit? Is there any moving or elevator fee? In case, the move-in expenses are too much, you will have to find other Shreveport apartments.

Are pets allowed?

Whether you own a pet or planning to adopt one within next year, you should ask about the pet policy.  In case, pets are not allowed in your apartment, then trying to hide a dog or cat could be very costly for you. Some apartments in Shreveport allow pets with some deposits and fees. Ask about it.

Is there any guest Policy?

Many apartment owners so not allow guests for longer than two weeks. So if you are expecting any guests to visit you and stay for entire summer vacation, talk upfront.

Do you need Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance provides coverage for all your property in the events like fire, flood or even theft. It may also cover injuries that happen within you apartment.

What’s included in the rent?

Rent is mostly never the only expense that you will have when living in Shreveport apartments. Many property managers roll some utilities and other amenities into the cost of rent. Sometimes water, gas, heat and cooling are included in rent.

How about Safety?

Ask the property manager to cover what security features the apartment has such as doorman, a buzzer system, etc. You may also want to learn about the neighborhood.

How often the rent goes up?

Many apartments increase rent upon a renewal of the lease. Such information you would not find in the lease, so make sure you know how much you can expect to pay in case you decide to live in the same apartment after the lease term is over.

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