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Should I get a Studio or One-Bedroom Apartment?

Find out whether a one bedroom or studio apartment is better for you.


Should I get a Studio or One-Bedroom Apartment?


Deciding between a studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment comes down to a few factors. The two types of floor plans differ more than just their square footage. We will provide you factors to compare, so you will know what is truly the best choice for you.


Factor #1 – Apartment Price 

There are more variables than just square feet alone that determine the monthly rental rate for an apartment. Sometimes a particular studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment may be more expensive if that unit is located in a luxury community or includes better upgrades. So, if you search for a one-bedroom in an average apartment community, it could be cheaper than a studio apartment in a luxury apartment community. The same rule applies to a luxury one-bedroom apartment compared to a standard two-bedroom apartment. A person searching for a spacious apartment may opt for having more square feet and less luxurious upgrades, while another person may sacrifice square footage to have a more luxurious living space.


Factor #2 – Apartment Square Feet

The average studio apartment is typically about 500-600 square feet. To get a better idea of how big that is, a standard two-car garage is 400 square feet of space. The average square feet of a one-bedroom apartment can range from 700-800 square feet, but they are not limited to that range. A one-bedroom apartment can be as small as a studio apartment or reach as big as the square feet of a two-bedroom. The best thing to do is to search many apartment complexes to compare. If you are out of town from your target apartment community and are unable to view the apartment in person, to help you picture the square footage of that apartment you could always visit an equivalent apartment near your current location to get a tour. 


Factor #3 – Apartment Location

The location of an apartment largely affects its cost and size. Big cities are more likely to have luxury studio apartments because such apartment homes are known as a trendy option for a city lifestyle (especially as urban loft-style studio apartments). As with most lifestyle options, luxury and trendy can come with a price. Other than luxury, the demand for living spaces in the city is the reason for increased rent. If you prefer the outskirt of a city, you may be in luck for more affordable apartments. Other factors of location be dependent on demographics, crime rates, and school districts, as well as the apartment community’s proximity to major roads, employment centers, recreation and entertainment areas, or college campuses.   Decide the lifestyle that works best for you to determine what area to search for an apartment.


Factor #4 – Apartment Preferences

Ultimately, the deciding factor between a studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment is up to you. What is your lifestyle? Living in the city or out of the city? Do you prefer space or do you not care about having a spacious apartment? Will you be living by yourself or with a pet or a partner? Are you on a tight budget?

Once you know what is important to you and what is not important, you might become confident in what option will be the best for you. If you are still unsure, you can be openminded to be both options when you are touring apartments in your desired area.


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