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Should I Rent a Furnished or an Unfurnished Apartment?

Discussion on the factors favoring renting a Furnished apartment vs an unfurnished apartment home in Shreveport or Bossier CityLA


Should I Rent a Furnished or

an Unfurnished Apartment?


If you’re looking to move from one neighborhood to another within the same city, it’s common to get a rental truck and haul your furniture to your new home. But when you’re moving from one city or state to another, it may not be as easy. For one, you’ll need to ensure that all your furniture gets there safely, move it into your new home, and arrange it – compounded with the stress of moving to a new location in the first place.

Under such circumstances, it’s a lot easier to move into a furnished apartment. Most such rentals have all the necessary appliances, utensils and furniture to help you reduce the burden of having to ship all your stuff.

In this article, we compiled a list of four other reasons you should look for a furnished apartment the next time you’re moving your home.

Cost Effective

Good furniture is expensive. Do not be surprised if it costs you as much as $30,000 to furnish your entire apartment home. And if you include washer-dryers, ovens and other appliances in the budget, this figure could go even higher. This is one of the downsides of regular, unfurnished apartments.

Most furnished apartments come with a comfortable sofa set, a quality dining set and a variety of useful appliances. They are designed to offer the most comfort and utility to the tenant, and will ensure that you feel at home as soon as you move in.

Great for Short-term Rentals

This scenario applies when you want to move to another city for a few weeks or months for work, business or even leisure. In any of these cases, you don’t want to carry your furniture with you. For example, furnished rentals in Washington DC are perfect for short-term accommodation, providing you with more than you need to feel at home for the duration of your stay.

Alternatively, if you’re traveling, having your own furnished flat will provide more flexibility and privacy than living in a hotel would provide. With your fully furnished apartment and kitchen, you get to eat whatever and whenever you want. After all, who wants to wake up at breakfast time to eat breakfast?

More Convenience

As we mentioned above, moving furniture from one city to another can often be very challenging. Aside from the obvious hassle of packing and loading everything, you will have to hire a rental truck and drive yourself to your new destination. And if you move in the future, you’ll have to do this process all over again.

A furnished apartment allows you the leisure to enjoy a stress-free moving experience, giving you the flexibility of moving wherever you desire without worrying about the logistics of tugging your couch along with you. Besides, you can easily move into a smaller apartment home without worrying about cramping up the space, or a larger one without having to buy more furniture.

Designed by Professionals

Designing a house or apartment’s decor and choosing furniture for each room is usually a tedious and involved process. It also requires you to have a knack for design and style, without which you may end up with a tackily put-together living environment. Unless you’re up for this task, it would be easier to get a furnished apartment.

Most furnished apartment homes are designed by experienced and stylish designers. These professionals choose the furniture pieces based on current trends, and after careful analysis of the type of tenant the apartment complex generally rents to. The result? Everything installed in these rentals, including the furniture and appliances, is high quality while offering more than enough comfort and utility.

Verdict: furnished or unfurnished?

In a nutshell, moving into a furnished home offers far more convenience than moving into an unfurnished apartment. For starters, it allows you to move apartment homes without undue stress.  Such rentals are also perfect for short stays and can help you save a lot of money on furniture purchases in the long run.

When looking for a furnished apartment, it’s important that you first decide where you’d like to live. This will help you narrow down your options and make decision-making easier. You should then look for an apartment that matches your personality and style. Finally, it would help to consider the amenities of your dream home before making your final decision. For example, is there shopping and restaurants nearby? Is the neighborhood safe? Does the landlord allow pets?

With these criteria in mind, it’s time to go out and book an apartment home that impresses you the most and one you can afford. Best of luck in your search!


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