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Things You Should Bring When Looking for an Apartment

Apartment hunting is highly challenging and competitive. Always bring below-mentioned documents to outstand the competition, and ensure you’re getting your dream apartment in Shreveport.


Looking for an apartment is never an easy task, especially when you live in a hot real estate market such as Shreveport, Bossier, etc. Checking listings on websites like Apartment Shoppers Guide can help you locate your dream apartment, but how do you ensure you’re the one who actually steps in the rental agreement?

Following are some important documents that you should bring the next time you’re on the lookout for a new apartment in Bossier or Shreveport City-

Pay Slips/Stubs

In order to prove your eligibility, it is important that you show proof of employment. It means you should have your pay slips or a copy of your W-2 form handy.

Bank Statements

Generally, you only need to bring pay stubs or bank statements. Both serve the same purpose- prove that you have funds to pay rent on time every month. However, it is best to be double prepared in case any potential landlord prefers one thing over the other.

Photo ID

You should bring your driving license, passport, or any other form of government-issued photo identification in order to be considered an eligible lease candidate. If you love an apartment and are able to submit an application, your landlord will need a copy of your ID for records.

Letters of Recommendation

In most cases, references are enough to verify your respectability and validate that you have a good reputation. However, some landlord requires written letters of recommendation as well. These letters of recommendation are from your current landlord or any of past landlords.

Vehicle Registration & Insurance Proof

It may seem irrelevant to include your vehicle registration when searching for apartments in Shreveport, but your apartment will come with a parking spot. Having your registration and car insurance with you can help ease your potential landlord’s mind and assure him that you are reliable.

Social Security Number

You must memorize your social security number. You do not want to keep this number saved in your phone, email or even in writing. Property managers use Social Security Number to run a credit check.

Rental History

Rental applications will always ask for your rental history. If it’s your first rental, then don’t worry. You want to maintain a pristine reputation as a tenant so your rental history never has a negative impact on your next apartment.


You should have a detailed resume that shows your job history, which in turn demonstrates your financial stability and reliability as a renter. In case, you have a solid work record, you are more likely to pay rent on time, and keep a “normal” schedule that will create no disturbance to your neighbors.


You will likely to pay an application fee or a holding fee to take the unit off the market while your application is being processed. You always be ready to put down first and last month’s rent.

Complete Application

Generally, you can find application for any apartment online prior to visiting the apartment. Bring a completed printout with you so you do not have to waste time filling out an application with a group of other potential renters. If you cannot find an application online prior to your visit, spend a little time researching standard application so that you know the answers and submit your forms quickly.

Credit report

You can outstand your application with a copy of your credit report. If you love the apartment, you can impress your landlord with your high credit score. You will also save them the hassle of having to request it.

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