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Decorating doesn't have to be boring in an apartment

​​​​​​​Do you believe that your apartment decorating options are limited? Think again.



Do you believe that your apartment decorating options are limited? Think again. Just because you live in a studio apartment or a fourth-floor walkup doesn't mean that you can't have a beautiful living space. This article will reveal some valuable decorating tips for apartment dwellers.

Light Up the Room

  1. You might think that lighter rugs are an inconvenience at best or a pain in the butt at the worst. But light-colored rugs can actually make any room in your apartment seem larger. These types of rugs can be especially useful if you have dark or unattractive wall-to-wall carpeting.

Have Fabulous Furniture

  1. While your new apartment might have fixtures and finishes that you hate, you can turn things around with statement pieces in your home. Look for pieces that you can't live without and you'll add an entirely different look to a room. If you have a statement piece in every room of your apartment, your home will turn into a beautiful living space.

Put Layers on Your Bed

  1. Just because you have a tiny apartment does not mean that you can't have a luxurious bed. When you add colors, layers, pillows, and prints, you can give your bedroom area a bit more depth than it would normally have.

Live in a Beautiful Studio

  1. Almost any type of studio can get turned into a gorgeous living space. First, decide upon a consistent color palette for your apartment. Then you get to give every material and finish the same look. Use rugs to separate your different living areas.

Get Clear

  1. Purchase Lucite furniture for your apartment. Doing this can not only make your home space more open, but it also has different functions that you can use to your advantage.

Add Tons of Color

  1. You may hate your apartment's beige walls with a burning passion. But you can use this neutral color palette to incorporate luxurious colors in each room. Examples of these elements include rugs and beautiful bedding. When pairing a neutral palette with colors, you will want to stick to a couple of colors. Place a bit of color in different places so that a visitor's eye will be attracted to several areas of the room.

Save Space

  1. One trend that has resurfaced is murphy beds. You can sleep on them at night and push them into the wall during the day, which gives you more living space. Murphy beds can act as a great solution for renters that live in cramped spaces in metropolitan cities.

If you use your imagination and creativity, you can make the most cramped studio in the world into a living space that can appear in an interior design magazine. Whether your decoration budget is in the thousands or just covers a statement piece of a couch, you can create a living space that reflects your personality.

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