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Wanting to develop a good relationship with your Apartment landlord? Had prior bad experience that you don't want to repeat?



Wanting to develop a good relationship with your apartment landlord? Had prior bad experience that you don't want to repeat? While there are a few landlords out there that are extremely unpleasant, the vast majority are reasonable and want you to enjoy living in their property. If you're interested in having a better relationship with your landlord, follow these tips to get on their good side and remain there.

Pay Your Rent on Time

While it seems simple and obvious, one of the best ways to get along with your landlord is to pay your rent in full and on time. Landlords are in the rental business to make money. If they weren't, they would sell the property and move on with their life. You can ensure you meet their primary desire of making money by paying your rent as agreed upon.

Take Care of The apartment Property Like It Was Your Own

Landlords want tenants that are respectful to the property and take care of it. If you wouldn't punch a hole in the wall of a house you owned, don't do it in your rental.

Ask Permission Before Making Changes

While you may think it won't hurt anything to paint the walls in your bedroom since paint can always be changed, take time to ask permission of your landlord first. Your landlord may not be opposed if you ask, but they are likely to be upset if you did it without consulting them first.

Notify Them Promptly When Something Happens

From time to time, things in the property are going to stop working. Worse yet, you may accidentally break something. Rather than hiding it from them and hoping they won't notice, be honest with your landlord. Being honest shows your integrity and your respect for the landlord and their property. Besides, they will at some point find the damage.

Try to Understand Their Point of View

Although your aparment landlord may seem unreasonable, try to consider their point of view. While you may have made a simple request to store your bike in storage that's off limits on the property, consider why your landlord may have said “no.”  The landlord could already have the storage full of equipment needed for lawn care and upkeep of the property. Or maybe the landlord said yes to previous renters who wanted to store items but instead used it to operate an illegal business that resulted in legal issues at the property.

Be Kind

Finally, it's important to be kind and courteous to your aparment landlord if you want to be on their good side. Act professional in your interactions. Don't call them late at night or early in the morning unless an emergency occurs. Treat them with the respect that you want them to show you.

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