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Things You Should Confirm Before Renewing Your Rental Agreement

Let’s admit, moving isn’t the most enjoyable activity. But, there are a few things that you should confirm before renewing your rental agreement for your current apartment in Shrevport.


Staying in your current Bossier apartment for another go-around can often be your move. But how do you know if renewing your rental agreement is right for you? Following are some steps that you should take before making such a decision-

Does this apartment still fascinate you?

If you don’t enjoy your apartment, the building, your neighbors or the area… then you should search for other apartments in Bossier City, LA. It’s always worth it to find something better or more fitting.

If you want to stay in the same area, you should check neighboring apartments first. You may find another community nearby offering cheaper rent or more amenities that will better fit your lifestyle.

If you still want to stay in your current apartment after checking all options, contact your landlord before your lease end date, at least a month or two in advance. You will need time to negotiate the rent and be absolutely sure about renewing the lease.

Be sure to check for an increase in your rent on the potential lease renewal, as well as any major change in the lease. Maybe you wish to pay a little extra per month if your landlord were better attending maintenance requests and around the complex.

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